GE plc Writer allows you to use your Android device to read and write to %R memory location in various PLC's supporting SRTP protocol. This includes GE 9030, 9070, PAC Systems Rx7i. Also supported are GE Salem Innovation Series Controllers (ISC) and older UC2000's configured with Ethernet SRTP page data. This is a great app for monitoring and controlling your plc.

WARNING - use extreme caution when using this software product. Should only be used by authorized and experienced personnel. With this software you can change the state of memory locations in the PLC and thereby move or affect controlled equipment.

%R memory is read continuously and buttons are available which can be individually configured to write any integer value to any %R memory location. 

The PLC must be pingable from your Android device. Simply enter the PLC ip address and memory address and this App will atomatically connect and read the %R location enetered. The programmable buttons give immediate control of memory in the PLC on startup of the app.

Save different configurations to a drop down list to allow ease of access to any number of PLC's or memory locations. On initialization, the settings for the last connection are used, giving easy one click access from your Android device to any supported PLC on your network. When changing ip address to a different plc, the button states are set to the most recent configuraion for the new ip address. This ensures that buttons programmed for one ip address do not write to memory at a different ip address. 

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